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Know Your Mind 

Perinatal mental health support for new and expectant parents.

Know Your Mind are a team of Clinical Psychologists who specialise in perinatal mental health. We offer Psychological Therapy, including EMDR therapy, for a range of perinatal mental health difficulties. 

We also provide consultancy, workplace training and coaching for organisations that wish to support, retain and enhance the productivity of their talented working parents.

Mother Working from Home

Perinatal Mental Health Services

Let us help you to thrive in pregnancy and parenthood

Psychological Therapy

Are you finding it hard to enjoy your pregnancy because you just can't stop thinking about the worst-case scenario? Or has sickness and pain left you feeling exhausted and desperate? Or perhaps you feel so low you aren't able to be the parent you want to be to your children?  Our team of highly specialised Clinical Psychologists provide evidence-based psychological therapy to help with problems such as pre and postnatal depression, anxiety, OCD and recovery from a traumatic birth.

Sessions online or in central Tunbridge Wells

A perinatal mental health client having EMDR therapy

EMDR Therapy

Did your birth leave you feeling out of control and frightened? Often when we have been through a traumatic birth we can find ourselves thinking about it a lot, feeling overwhelmed with strong feelings of sadness or anxiety and struggling to relax and enjoy parenthood. If you are still living with the physical and emotional consequences of a traumatic birth EMDR therapy can help you to regain control. You deserve to feel free to enjoy parenthood.

Sessions online or in central Tunbridge Wells

landscape calming image of an uncluttered talking therapy room

Workplace Support

We can provide a range of training and workshops from a short lunch and learn session to educate your line managers on how to support an employee through a challenging pregnancy to online education for your entire workforce about postnatal depression. We also offer individual coaching and therapy packages. Book a call to talk to us about what your team needs.

perinatal mental health workshop or corporate resillience training
Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, specialist Clinical Psychologist in Perinatal Mental Health. In her office in Tunbridge Wells

Dr Rosie Gilderthorp

Clinical Psychologist and Founder

Our founder, Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in mental health helping parents to overcome mental health difficulties, connect with their values and thrive personally and professionally.

Rosie experienced severe pregnancy sickness (sometimes called HG) while pregnant with her first child. Her experience of attempting to continue working in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist, a role that gave her a sense of identity and meaning, while facing the steepest challenge of her life led her to struggle with her own mental health.


Since then she has been dedicated to helping other parents going through challenging circumstances to maintain their sense of self and hope so they can thrive at home and at work.

Evidence-based therapy from HCPC registered psychologists

The health and care professionals logo showing that the Psychologists at Know Your Mind are Clinical Psychologists specialising in perinatal mental health
The British Psychological Society chartered psychologist logo showing that the Psychologists at Know Your Mind are Clinical Psychologists specialising in perinatal mental health
The International Society for Coaching Psychology logo showing that Dr Rosie Gilderthorp is a member
Dr Rosie Gilderthorp writing a perinatal mental health book


In partnership with the Innovation in Mental Health Project CIC, Dr Fional Challecombe (Kings College London) and Dr Claudia Hallet (South London and Maudsley NHS Trust)

Know Your Mind is committed to research and innovation to support the mental health of parents. We are currently studying the impact of severe pregnancy sickness on mental health and possible ways to make evidence-based psychological intervention more readily available. 

If you have experienced severe sickness (sometimes called Hyperemesis Gravidarum) during pregnancy and you would like to support our research please contact me at

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