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Resilience Training, Mental Health Workshops and Support for Working Parents

Are you a HR professional looking for mental health solutions that actually work?


Are you losing talented staff at the height of their careers because of the pressures of parenthood?


Are you tired of spending your budget on workshops that seem “nice” but don’t make any difference to the levels of burnout, mental health problems and staff turnover?


You aren’t alone. Despite evidence that ambition rises after becoming a parent 25% of employees consider leaving the workforce in the early stages of parenthood*. 


Thankfully, we understand what it takes to retain talent. Highly replicated studies tell us that job satisfaction is the main driver of retention, productivity and profitability*. Satisfaction at work comes from good mental health, good management and good relationships*.


That is why Know Your Mind Consulting offers services that go beyond a lunchtime yoga class. We deliver evidence-based packages to help you improve mental health, management and relationships for the parents in your organisation.

Psychological Therapy and Coaching For Wellbeing

Our team of experienced specialist Clinical Psychologists can provide therapy to your team members for mental health difficulties such as:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Sickness in pregnancy

  • Recovery from a traumatic birth

  • Stress related to parenting and/or work pressures

  • Baby loss and bereavement

Often the physical, emotional and practical demands of pregnancy and parenthood can cause our bodies and brains to respond in ways that don’t help us. Psychological therapy will enable your team members to recover and thrive.

Book a call to discuss a package that meets your needs today.

Female Patient being assessed for perinatal mental health

Resilience Training and Mental Health Workshops

Did you know that employee retention is largely determined by their relationship with their boss? And how supported they feel by others on the team?* Do your staff know how to support colleagues through some of the tricker moments of parenthood?


We can provide specialist training packages on topics such as supporting colleagues who are struggling with postnatal mental health problems, parenting children with disabilities,  returning after a bereavement or traumatic birth and building personal resilllience. Book a call to discuss your requirements with us now.

A team fist bumping after a successful resilience training or mental health workshop

Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

Should you offer flexible working? What are the benefits of offering lunchtime activities? Is it worth spending money on that away day every year? 

Don't make important decisions about employee wellbeing in the dark. Our team can help you evaluate your current wellbeing policies to determine their effectiveness. Then, if needed we can help you design new policies and initiatives that will really make a difference to the mental health, resilience, productivity and retention of the parents on your team.

Employees in a consultancy meeting following a mental health workshop

Evidence-based therapy from HCPC registered psychologists

The Health and Care Professionals Council logo showing our Clinical Psychologists are registered and regulated
The British Psychological Society logo showing that our Clinical Psychologists are chartered and follow their best practices
The International Coaching Society logo showing we provide coaching in accordance with their guidance
Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, Perinatal Clinical Psychologist with a coffee at her kitchen counter

Dr Rosie Gilderthorp

Clinical Psychologist and Founder

Our founder, Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in mental health helping parents to overcome mental health difficulties, connect with their values and thrive personally and professionally.

Rosie experienced severe pregnancy sickness (sometimes called HG) while pregnant with her first child. Her experience of attempting to continue working in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist, a role that gave her a sense of identity and meaning, while facing the steepest challenge of her life led her to struggle with her own mental health.


Since then she has been dedicated to helping other parents going through challenging circumstances to maintain their sense of self and hope so they can thrive at home and at work.

Need urgent support?

We do not provide emergency services. If you or someone you care about requires urgent support with their mental health you should contact the NHS urgent support service here. 

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