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Mother and Baby

Therapy for perinatal mental health

Does your pregnancy feel more like a struggle than a miracle?​


Are you suffering from severe pregnancy sickness that saps all the joy from your life?​


Did your birth leave you feeling shaken and bruised?


Are stress, low mood, depression or anxiety making it hard for you to enjoy family life and be the parent you want to be?

Our team of psychologists specialising in perinatal mental health can help with:

Psychological therapy is about helping you to get control back and live a fulfilling life. Often the physical, emotional and practical demands of pregnancy and parenthood can cause our bodies and brains to respond in ways that don’t help us.​ Psychological therapy shows you how to work with your mind and body so you can enjoy your life again.​


Common difficulties we help with:

  • Pre or post-natal depression or low mood

  • Recovery from birth trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Physical symptoms like severe pregnancy sickness.

  • Fear of childbirth

  • Stress at work 

  • Parenting support

  • Grief and baby loss

Our team can offer CBT, EMDR, Compassion Focussed Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

Read more about how therapy can help you on our blog here.

landscape calming image of an uncluttered talking therapy room
Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, Perinatal Clinical Psychologist

Book your free consultation

Sessions are available online or in our comfortable office in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

You will attend a free consultation online, we will then allocate you to the best psychologist for you and you will agree a plan for therapy together.


Session fees: £140 (initial 30-minute online consultation is free)

Evidence-based therapy from HCPC registered psychologists

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Working with:

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Client stories - Sarah

I came to therapy because the pain I was experiencing from IBS was stopped me from having a social life and holding me back at work. Understanding why my brain works the way it does was super helpful for me, it really unlocked the treatment process. I now feel comfortable stepping up in my career and my IBS doesn’t stop me doing anything I want to do anymore. I would recommend therapy with Rosie to anyone. She put me at ease immediately as I was feeling apprehensive at the beginning. The methods she taught me were ideal as I could access mindfulness activities on my phone and use them throughout my busy day.

I can truly say the methods and strategies Rosie used with me have given me back my life. I have in turn been better able to help and support others. 

Need urgent support?

We do not provide emergency services. If you or someone you care about requires urgent support with their mental health you should contact the NHS urgent support service here. 

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